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Welcome to Pandorum Gaming

This community was founded under the premise of equality for all gamers. We feel very strongly about this, as equality goes from promotions with in the community all the way to treating people equally when it comes to punishment. We feel that treating someone fairly goes a long way.

We are a PC multi-genre gaming community. From Battlefield style games, all the way to Plants VS Zombies! You don't have to be a multiplayer gamer to join! We welcome all gamers. Even if you just want to come in and chat with people about games and make friends. However, if you do play multiplayer games, then you will have a bunch of people to play with!

Our Rules:
1) Respect ALL Members.
2) Respect ALL Guests.
3) ABSOLUTELY ZERO TOLERANCE HACKING POLICY for multiplayer games. (This means hacking, or otherwise enhancing your game outside of the intended parameters of the multiplayer game. If you are caught you will be removed from the community.)
4) DO NOT spoil games for people who do not wish for them to be spoiled.
5) Harassment will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. (If you have a issue with someone try to work it out. If you are unable to resolve the problem, seek assistance of a officer or leader.)
6) You MUST be 17 or older to join Pandorum Gaming.
7) Pandorum Gaming members ALWAYS take priority over guests and randoms.
8) If this is your first night at Pandorum Gaming, you HAVE to game.

If you feel you would be a good applicate for Pandorum Gaming, then feel free to apply in the upper left hand corner of our webpage! If you want to meet some people, come in and hang out with us, test out the waters first, then feel free to hop in Teamspeak 3 with us! ( Game with you soon!

Community Representatives

We have representatives of Pandorum Gaming in the following games below. Representatives are in charge of promoting the welfare of their respective guild/clan in their game and to provide the same environment in game that we expect in the general community. They are responsible to police and manage their in game guild in the way they find fit unless it conflicts with any parameters set by the community at large, they will still be under the two founders of Rippus and Havenbrook and are their direct reports.

Current Representives:

Star Wars: The Old Republic:    Crossmal [Republic] & Palantor [Empire]
Heroes Of The Storm:               Skrooge
League of Legends:                   Darez & Holy Descendant
Star Citizen:                             Havenbrook
Skyforge:                                 Rippus
:                                                Cdog
Diablo III                                   Fistycuffs
Arma III                                    Griz & Sgt.Pain
Warframe                                 Open

We currently have openings for Community Representatives. If you are interested in becoming a Community Rep, please speak with Havenbrook or Rippus about this opportunity!

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New League of Legends Community Rep!

by Havenbrook, 19 hours ago

Congratulations Holy Desendant! He is our newest League of Legends community rep, and will be working closely with Darez on the League of Legends division! :)

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League of Legends Community Rep!

by Havenbrook, 3 days ago

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to our newest Community Rep, Darez! Congratulations Darez! We look forward to working with you on the League of Legends team! :)

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Pandorum Gaming is on Celly!

by Havenbrook, 3 days ago

Just quick heads up to all the new members, we do have a community on Celly! Which is a Android and iOS app that is free for download. This app protects your personal information (phone number and email) while still allowing you to text us in a group style text! Once you have the app, hit "Join cell" and type in @PandorumGaming. Hope to see everyone there! :)

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